Features & Services

Hotelist keeps evolving all the time. We add new features and updates at least twice a year.
Our target is to keep everything cutting-edge.

Take a look at some of the many features and services of Hotelist cloud PMS.

Do you need a feature that you believe is an awesome addition and would make your daily work easier, faster, and more productive? Contact us and let’s discuss on how to implement it!

Smart reservations plan

Manage all sales channels (online/offline) on the same reservation plan, per room!

Easily move reservations between rooms and dates to achieve your maximum occupancy, or enter new reservations by hand, while online bookings are inserted into their respective dates / rooms automatically.

With each new reservation, no matter the source (online/offline), Hotelist will automatically update the rest of the channels as needed.

Invoicing system

Create and print invoices for your reservations and other services of your Hotel.

  • Automatic VAT calculation (with breakfast / without breakfast / half-board / full-board)
  • Print Invoices – Receipts – Cash receipts, or customise their layout!
  • Create invoices for any reservation, just with a single click.

Hotelist will automatically calculate the amounts and VAT based on the reservation details and create the invoice for you to review, accept, print and upload to AADE myDATA.

Channel manager / Online booking engine

Manage reservations from online travel agencies (OTA) like Booking.com, Expedia, AirBnB etc, without the need to update each one of them separately, and viewing all the reservations on the same electronic room plan.

Connect and manage your room types, rates and availabilities on your selected Online booking engine, easily and efficiently.

When you make a change to a reservation or a room your actions are automatically communicated and synchronised to your online channels and booking engines, for a seamless experience!

Check out our partners list to find out which vendors we support!

Housekeeping to the next level!

We offer a housekeeping solution for your hotel, unlike ANY other: manage your room cleaning, maintenance and damage reporting, in real-time, directly from your computer or mobile.

Via our Hotelist Housekeeping app for Android, you get a real-time view of which rooms need to be cleaned, which are being cleaned currently and which rooms are ready to accommodate your next guest!

Of course, your managers and reception personnel will always be updated on the status of the rooms or any damages that might occur, and more.

Manage your doors – remotely!

Manage your Smart Locks, create keys & PIN codes and give your guests access to their door without the need for a separate app.

You can create special unlock or lock links that can be sent to the guest via email or SMS so that they don’t have to download a specific app (your guests will LOVE this) or create their unique PIN codes for the days of their stay. Securely, remotely, and privately.

Mobile apps & responsive UI

You can manage your Hotel on the go, using our iOS/Android apps, or your favourite mobile browser.

Hotelist will work on your mobile device, whether you download our specialised and optimised app for iOS/Android (available on app stores) or by simply pointing your browser at your unique Hotelist web address, and use it as you would on your laptop or desktop.


Pre-arrival check-in / Express Check-in

Your guests can check-in and add their information in your database using their mobile device, even before they arrive!

You can also display an overview of their reservation on which they can correct or add more information about themselves, like nationality, police ID, or any other personal detail.

Guest profiles are saved in realtime and are available to use throughout Hotelist, for example for advertising campaigns, reservations security, invoicing, statistics, and more.

At the same time, you can inform guests of your Hotel terms & conditions and provide them with an electronic policy acceptance method.

Email campaigns & newsletters platform

Hotelist includes a FULL email marketing and transactional platform inside it.

Stop trying to remember which emails to send to your guests, and when. You can schedule a series of personalised messages to be sent automatically depending on various guest actions (new reservation/cancellation/checkin/etc). Choose if you would like messages to be delivered instantly or at a later date (send 2 days before check-in, send 5 days after checkout etc).

Newsletters, holiday cards and other promotional messages can be sent to your guests or guest group easily, with pretty customised templates that we can offer you, or you can create your own!


Multi-property, multi-user

Your personnel can have limited access to each and every subsystem of Hotelist. For example, your reception might not be allowed to view invoices, and your accounting not be allowed to view reservations.

No problem! You can set specific user roles and profiles, manage their permissions, and view a full history of changes, per user, per reservation, or per subsystem.

Do you have multiple properties? Awesome! Hotelist allows you to have all of them in a single reservations plan, or split them up into sub-properties of the same account.