The future of room services requests

Smartglass is an innovative Wi-Fi enabled device that is installed inside a Hotel's rooms and provides guests with a control panel through which they can make requests to the reception with just a simple touch.

Greener and more efficient
No more wasting paper. "Do not disturb" tags that were being lost or ended up in the garbage are a thing of the past.

With Smartglass, the guest can touch the panel and the housekeeping staff as well as the reception are being notified accordingly.

No wiring
Smartglass requires only power and a WiFi connection. No special wiring is needed in order to make use of it. It is seamlessly integrated into your Hotelist account, once installed.

Customizable to your needs
Not all hotels have the same requirements or offer the same services. We can customize Smartglass to fit your needs, offer different services or change its appearance! You design your unique in-room touch panel with us, and stand out!

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