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Are you looking for a way to simplify your hotel management tasks?

Hotelist PMS is a software that helps you organize and automate the daily operations of your property in order to avoid mistakes, save hotel management time and improve your client services.

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All-in-one productivity software for your Hotel

Do you make mistakes with your reservations? Worried about overbookings? Need an organized guest agenda?

Hotelist is a cloud PMS (that you can access from the Internet, wherever you are) that you can use to organize, double-check and run your Hotel processes without even being there!

With extensions such as automatic invoicing, housekeeping management, guest book management, client CRM, front-desk utilities, email marketing, and the possibility to connect it to Online Booking Engines and Channel Managers, you can build your own package with the features you need..

PMS: Property management system

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Reservation Plan

View bookings from all your sales channels (online/offline) on the same reservation plan, per room.

At the same time, you can easily move reservations between rooms and dates to achieve your maximum occupancy!

You can enter new reservations by hand, while online bookings are inserted into their respective dates / rooms automatically.

With each new reservation, no matter the source (online/offline), Hotelist will update the rest of the channels as needed.

You can schedule wakeup calls for your rooms and guests, and Hotelist will notify you when its time to call the room, as we as track your missed wakeup calls.


Hotelist - reservation plan


Automate sending emails to your guests/clients.

You can schedule a series of personalised messages which can be triggered and enabled depending on the guests operations (new reservation/cancellation). Also, on each personalised message you can select when to send it depending on the reservation or cancellation (send 2 days before check-in, send 5 days after checkout etc).

Send newsletters, holidays cards and other promotional material to your guests or guest groups with your news or offers, therefore marketing your services efficiently.

Hotelist includes some already created templates to start you off with creating your own from scratch.

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Booking engines

Import & manage reservations from your Hotel website.

Channel managers

Connect & manage all your OTA channels with one click.


Extensive statistics and metrics for your Hotel rooms/seasons.


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