Take control of your Hotel's housekeeping.

Housekeeping Management is a smart extension for Hotelist that allows you to manage your room cleanings easily, from your computer.

You can view the rooms that need to be cleaned, setup your cleaning actions depending on days or room type (e.g. restock mini-bar every 2 days) and print the daily housekeeping plan.

Via our Hotelist Housekeeping app for Android, your housekeeping personnel can view the rooms that need to be cleaned, mark them as "being cleaned" or "clean" and thus you can have a real-time view of which rooms need to be cleaned, which are being cleaned currently and which rooms are ready to accommodate your next guest!

There is a full history which allows the general manager to have an overview of the housekeeping actions over time, and you can also send push notifications and instant messages to all the Android devices.

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