Welcome to the new version of the easiest and most user-friendly PMS, Hotelist v5.0! This is a large update with many many new features and extensions, adding a lot of great features, fixes and optimizations to your Hotel!

New Features

Dashboard: Hotelist dashboard has been re-written, re-invented and is now better than ever, with really helpful tools, and manages to collect all the important data in one place, accesible for you and easy to use and navigate. You will find tools like Housekeeping management, reservations management, weather, notepad, wakeup calls, email overview, financial overview, and more..!!

Reservation Split: You may now split reservations into more than 1 rooms, so that you have 100% flexibility even on your online & channel reservations.

Resevation Room Guests: Add one or more guests to your reservations room(s), to be able to fully monitor who is in which room.

Housekeeping Overrides: Each reservation room's housekeeping properties and days can be overriden by hand, giving you full control of what you wish to service, which days, and how often.

iOS & Android app: Hotelist now has iOS and Android apps for the Hotel Manager, showing you the most important details and giving you access to various functions on the go, without the need to log in via your mobile browser.
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=gr.hotelist.hotelistmanage...

Master Search: A new tool has been developed, which allows you to search THE ENTIRE Hotelist application, to find a name, a reservation id, a telephone and other data. You can use a clien'ts telephone number to search for their invoices or their online reservations, without having to search each reservation by hand.

Fixes, Updates and optimizations

Reservation Plan:

  • view is now larger
  • icons have been changed and improved to show you more detail
  • will auto-update for new reservations
  • dragging can start from any point on the reservation block - also helper has been added as a placeholder for the dragged item
  • "Today" button has been added to get you back to today's date
  • general UI fixes and optimisations
  • performance fixes

Checkin Spot:

  • does not get "stuck" when trying to use repeatedly on Dashboard
  • cancellation does not loop back on itself


  • UI sanitization
  • 404 error pages have been added
  • New Icons
  • Channel manager fixes for avail. calculation on cancellations
  • Google Analytics has been removed
  • When adding new reservations, you can no longer close the new reservation window by mistake
  • HotelAvailabilities stability fixes
  • General Fixes & Improvements


Please let us know if you are experiencing difficulties or need to ask us any questions, and as always, do not forget that you may check out http://docs.hotelist.gr/ for more information.

Best regards,
Hotelist PMS Team