Hotelist Update

Following up on our large-scale yearly updates, we are about to upgrade Hotelist once again!

Version 4.3 features a lot of new functionalities, fixes, improvements and usability optimizations. To name just a few:

Reservation Plan

  • Reservations can now be colored by you, the user, in order to have a better view of your calendar.
  • The reservations calendar has been visually updated as well as optimized for better speed.
  • Room occupancy can now be changed from inside the Reservation View.


Channel Manager

  • Added a new Online Booking Engine connection, BookOnlineNow.
  • Channel manager stability has been improved as well as error handling is now better, allowing you to know precicely if there are any communication errors.
  • Created a new section called "Connection Health" where you can see the status of the channel manager connection and find out inconsistencies or possible errors.



  • Added support for more decimals in calculations.



  • Housekeeping staff can now upload housekeeping comments or photos via the Android app while performing cleaning or other actions.


General Fixes and improvements

  • Logging has been extended to show more detailed logs.
  • UI has been refined, to allow for easier navigation and aesthetics.
  • Various user actions can be "Undone" such as the reservation status or an invoice cancellation.
  • Statistics have been improved and extended.