Hotelist - Update Ver. 4.0

A new version of Hotelist, the easiest Hotel PMS, is about to go live!

Listening to our customers' needs and always striving to do the best we can to offer useful solutions, this new version gets to solve many problems and offer new and exciting services.

Within the many changes, you will find:

WakeUp Calls

You now have the ability to program wakeup call alarms and Hotelist will notify you via sound when you need to call your guest. You can create wakeup call alarms for specific dates and time, or for all days of a guest stay.

Hotelist - Wakeup call

Night Mode

Usability and ease is one of the most important features of our application. We want you to be able to use the application without getting your eyes tired. Therefore we have created view modes, Night & Day. The difference is that in low light conditions, Night Mode dims the lights and uses a dark background as its base color, instead of white.

Hotelist - Night Mode

This results in a better and more efficient experience at night, environmental benefits since you can save energy up to 40% (based on research on AMOLED monitors) and less strain in your eyes, since they can adapt to the light more easily.

You can switch between Day and Night mode by the press of a button!


We all have a to-do list that we need to go through in a daily basis, when we arrive at the office, some items are personal and some concern our whole team. In a Hotel, this list grows exponentially, especially during high season. The biggest problems originate in our colleagues performing an action that we don't know about, because there isn't a system to record these actions.

Based on this need, we present you with our "Checklists" micro-app. You can create daily actions for you, personally, or for your team, and either set a completion date, or have them created as daily.

Hotelist will notify you about new actions or let you know who has completed an action. You can view the history of created actions in a calendar view.

Hotelist - Checklist

POSIT - Point of Sales bridge

We provide your POS vendors with the ability to import room charges inside Hotelist, which in turn gives you the ability to view all the charges for a specific reservation/room. Once there is a room charge from your Bar, Restaurant, Spa etc, it can be automatically attached to a specific reservation.

We have already connected and tested the bridge with the POS application POSIT (

Hotelis - POSIT

Available room search

It is not uncommon to talk to a potential client on the phone and need to have fast access to which rooms are available. Up until now, you could do this by looking at your reservation plan and deduce which rooms will be available for the client's desired dates. To make this even easier, we have create a room search facility that you can use to search for available rooms based on Arrival Date, Nights and Persons.

By selecting the rooms you desire from the available rooms list, you can directly add a new reservation withouth having to go back to the reservations plan and select dates and rooms.

Hotelis - Search

Invoice/Receipt Templates

Each Hotel is different, and we want to give you the ability to differentiate by having your own, custom, documents like Invoice or Receipts. This will help you optimize your Hotel image and add value to your brand.

Reservation Agreement

Based on your policies, there is a need to print and sign a "reservation agreement" with your guests, therefore accepting your terms of use. You can now compose and print this agreement via Hotelist. It comes with most data already filled in so that you only enter the missing data and proceed directly to signing!

Hotelist - Agreement


Room order

You can now change the room order by dragging and dropping, from within the rooms list screen.

This way your reservations plan will always have your preffered order!

Monthly reservation statistics

Monthly reservation statistics now include expected gross income for each month to help you make better use of your Hotel metrics.

Channel data inside reservation view

Each OTA or other online channel, includes data in addition to the reservation and guest details, such as the Rate plan that was used to create the reservation, City Tax and others. All this data is now available to you inside the reservation view screen.


Optimizations for speed and notifications via using new technologies, as well as fixes and corrections throughout the whole application.