Have you used Hotelist Manager mobile app yet?

Hotelist has been designed with a responsive architecture in mind, even from the early start. This means that it will adjust its width and display mode depending on your device, while keeping all its functionality.

But this is a problem and a solution at the same time! When one tries to fit all this functionality in sucha small space, like a mobile phone, for instance, the user need to try harder and harder to tap something on the screen, because of the small scale of everything.

Understanding this problem, we have designed a native mobile app for Hotelist users that works on iOS and Android platforms.

With Hotelist Manager App, you have your Hotel's most important magement tools at your fingertips, wherever you are.

Ranging from your daily checkins or checkouts to month availability views for your rooms, but also giving you the ability to add, modify or cancel a reservation on the go, Hotelist Manager is a condensed version of the tools you may need to address your daily work needs.

You may try it by clicking on the links below (an active Hotelist account is needed to connect)