We are very happy to announce our Bronze medal in Tourism Awards 2019, section "Best New Solution for Tourism"!!

We would like to thank everyone involved as well as #tourismawardsgr for the wonderful ceremony. This award gives us the needed strength and resolve to push our goals even further, and keep coding and implementing great solutions for you.

You can view the ceremony video below.

Have you used Hotelist Manager mobile app yet?

Hotelist has been designed with a responsive architecture in mind, even from the early start. This means that it will adjust its width and display mode depending on your device, while keeping all its functionality.

Welcome to the new version of the easiest and most user-friendly PMS, Hotelist v5.0! This is a large update with many many new features and extensions, adding a lot of great features, fixes and optimizations to your Hotel!

Hotelist Update

Following up on our large-scale yearly updates, we are about to upgrade Hotelist once again!

Version 4.3 features a lot of new functionalities, fixes, improvements and usability optimizations.

Hotelist - Update Ver. 4.0

A new version of Hotelist, the easiest Hotel PMS, is about to go live!

Listening to our customers' needs and always striving to do the best we can to offer useful solutions, this new version gets to solve many problems and offer new and exciting services.