Hotelist lets you run your property more efficiently, in less time.

Hotelist PMS is a software that helps you organize and automate the daily operations of your property in order to avoid mistakes, save management time and improve your client services.


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All your reservations on the same daily plan.

View all your reservations at the same time, on the same plan (booking calendar). Manage all your online channels at the same time (website,, expedia, etc), as easy as drag-n-drop.

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Lightning fast reservation data review & guest checkin.

Your guests review and verify their personal details on arrival, via a tablet or other device. This way, you always have up-to-date visitors information, should you need to contact them or let them know of any special offers.

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Booking engines

Import & manage reservations from your Hotel website.

Channel managers

Connect & manage all your OTA channels with one click.


Extensive statistics and metrics for your Hotel rooms/seasons.

Client manager

Complete client management & organisation utilities.

Email tools

Automated email communication to your visitors, newsletters.

Accounting tools

Issue printable invoices, receipts and cash receipts for reservations.


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